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"your belongings are treated with Gentle, Loving Care"


Poor packing is the most common cause of breakage during a move. Transporting fragile, delicate items safely involves a lot more than simply placing them in boxes. Our professional and trained staff will ensure that your delicate belongings arrive in the condition they left in. Using the right cartons for different items, the proper packing materials to cushion and protect the contents, and the right packing methods to assure a safe trip.  Your belongings are treated with Gentle, Loving Care.



When you arrive at your new home, GLC can make the transition easier by providing you with a put away service. Do you need your dishes and clothes unpacked so you are ready to start your new job right away? GLC Moving will unpack your belongings, making sure they are placed in the proper location.   Let us know if you will need this service as it will be included in part of your tailor made plan. GLC will  help you make your new space your home.


Put-Away Services

Do you need your pictures hung on the wall? Or is it difficult to get those unused boxes into the basement? GLC Moving will help you put away your belongings. Following your directive, GLC will make sure the furniture is placed where you like and your cutlery is in the proper drawer. Let GLC be your full service moving company.


Third Party Services

GLC Moving has invested in partnerships with other businesses and can contract out third party services on your behalf. If you need anything such as appliance delivery servicing, hookups, moving exercise equipment, pool tables, crating, carpet cleaning, or move cleaning. GLC is here to make this a simple process. Let us contact the proper business, employ the service that you need to make your move even easier that you thought. We only deal with reliable and competitive companies.

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GLC Moving & Storage handles a wide range of jobs. Let our team surprise you.

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